Reaction Game Color Switch Is Tapping Thumbs

Reaction Game Color Switch Is Tapping Thumbs


unnamed (1)I’m not the most spectacular driver in the world; traffic lights for instance have always caused a bit of trouble for me. Does flash mean I can go or is it the pedestrians turn? Well, Grandma Betty could of probably told you before I sent her and her pint of milk flying over my car bonnet but that’s another story. What I will tell you about however, is Color Switch, the 2D reaction game that helped me master what is considered to be a fairly integral part of driving. 

This fast past, infuriatingly difficult and thoroughly addictive game has been taking the gaming world by storm and it’s easy to understand why. The simple premise promises an easy win, but looks can be deceiving and you’ll need quick reaction time and a level head if you want to pass through to the next levels.

The interface is a black background with moving geometric shapes spinning and twirling above you. They’ll be made up of different colours, one of which will match that of your avatar (a little bouncing ball). The aim is to bounce your ball up through the various obstacles and achieve as high a score as possible; there are no checkpoints along the way so one little mistake and you’re back to square one after exploding into a mass of brightly coloured disappointment.

To start play, all you have to do is start tapping the screen, the speed at which you do so determines how far you will travel; if you get the right tempo then you can stay in one place or if you have to race through to the next barrier then all you have to do is tap faster. The music is classic 80’s techno which helps to create the atmosphere of an old arcade style of gaming.

The game is free to download which of course means you’ll have to sit through annoying, timed advertorials; in this case, about every 3 games or so. But if you love reaction games and are well and truly over Candy crush then I think that Color Switch is perfect for those early morning commutes or after lunch breaks.
Tap your way to victory today and head on over Google Play to start bouncing!