Quadrica: Prepare for your Brain to be Thoroughly Teased

Quadrica: Prepare for your Brain to be Thoroughly Teased


Quadrica 1

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most rewarding.  Whether it’s a good book, a splash of decent Scotch or an addictive iPhone game that makes you ignore everyone and everything around you as you struggle to align all of the correct shapes, the best things in life seem to come in simple packages.  And so, we meet Quadrica.

With a no-frills design and an intuitive interface, you can be ready to start playing in seconds.  The layout is very easy to understand, with a ‘Help’ section that shows you the end result of a successful gameboard, all the symbols interlinked.

Quadrica 3

As you can see from the snapshots, the aim of the game is to align all of the symbols so that each interlinking grid on the top/bottom/side is matched with a corresponding one.  You can drag and drop the squares and rotate them both clockwise and anti-clockwise to make them fit but by doing this you can potentially throw your other squares out of sync.

Anyone who is a whizz at Rubik’s Cubes will be in their element and they can try and beat the clock and see what the fastest time that they can complete it in is; the rest of us can just hope to finish before it gets to an embarrassingly long time.

I like the squeaky sound effects and the fact that there’s no time limit so you can tap away for as long as you like; I haven’t been brave enough to share my scores with Game Centre yet, but if you do get a decent time then the bragging rights are yours for the taking.

So, put the book down, pour yourself a large measure of the brown stuff and set about completing Quadrica!


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