Aloha – The Game That Brings Frosty Fun To The Hawaii Slopes

Aloha – The Game That Brings Frosty Fun To The Hawaii Slopes



Four penguins on a mission from the sub-zero South Pole to the tropical climate of Hawaii, chased by a pack of hungry predators?  What could go wrong?!

Aloha is the new gaming app from Immanitas Entertainment and it is quite clearly a bonkers belter of a platform game; you control four penguins, all of varying looks, demeanours and abilities and they have to hop, skid, dive and roll over a series of obstacles to complete each part of their journey.  Hot on their heels (or flippers?!) is a pack of bloodthirsty crabs and vultures, just itching to sink their teeth into some penguin skin, so you can’t let your cute new friends slow down, crash or fall otherwise they’ll end up on the menu for the evening’s meal.


The gameplay is very intuitive and you can work out the buttons for jump and ‘special move’ fairly easily; there are certain little tricks that you can pick up along the way though, including the fact that if you jump on the sea lions then you’ll bounce much higher than usual and probably grab a few extra points or a star that may be hanging around.

The soundtrack is brilliant, a catchy loop of Hawaiian guitar setting a cool groove for the fast-paced action.  Every time you slide over a ‘special move’ beacon, you’ll switch to another penguin; their names are Annie, Bob, Max and Ziggy and they each have their own particular charm, although I’m quite partial to Bob’s chubby, laid-back waddle.


The between-level scenes are genuinely funny with some giggle-worthy original cartoons to entertain you as the next stage loads.  What I really like about the game is that it automatically saves your progress so you can leave it and pick up where you started.

If you want to kill some time in a super fun way, download this free app and while away a few minutes (or hours!) helping the penguins achieve their dream of hanging 10 on some rad waves.

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