ProReminder: Not Bad Amidst A Sea Of To Do List Apps

ProReminder: Not Bad Amidst A Sea Of To Do List Apps

ProReminder iPad App Review
Another GTD app. This one comes in a lovely color of ‘deepskyblue3’ blue.

First the bleeding obvious; We’re hardly short of these GTD (Getting Things Done) apps are we? I mean a quick glance on the app store and you’ll see there’s Todo, To Do, Todo?, To-do list, Today Todo … I mean if I was going to create a list of GTD apps, I’d probably use up nearly all of the precious 300 words given to me for this review.

Still, we have to take ProReminder for what it is and thankfully it’s not half bad. Obviously there’s the usual capabilities of being able to add events, notes, alarm sounds etc but there’s also a few nice additions like being able to set a contact to a task for calling him/her later. Equally if you’re using this for more business related activities then the functionality to add an e-mail to send to someone is also available. Better still when it comes to the interface, it’s another great big tic. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a relative newcomer to GTD’s, it should be fairly straightforward to master.

The only thing that lets the app down (if we’re being picky) is arguably its appearance, which isn’t particularly slick and actually closer resembles a blueprint than a finished product. Admittedly, it does the job and I can’t imagine this bugging people to the extreme that they wouldn’t buy it, but you could easily argue that some customers might opt for something a little easier on the eyes.

All in all, despite there being such a wealth of options for GTD’s out there for users to choose from, you could certainly do a lot worse than ProReminder to help you through the day.


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