Let’s Dance: Cadbury’s Sweetest Offering rots Away our Interest

Let’s Dance: Cadbury’s Sweetest Offering rots Away our Interest


Dance Off iPhone App Review

Apparently, we don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time. While we adults know that is utter bull, we will play along for the sake of those fickle minds out there, and those of you who have seen Cadburys latest ‘glass half full’ advert with the dancing clothes.

While we applaud Cadbury for releasing an app which links in nicely to an advert even our Nan can relate to, we soon want to hang up our dancing shoes after about 5 minutes of playing with it and realising you’d get more enjoyment from Sky +ing the advert, then watching it all afternoon when you should be at work.

You simply chose a strip; suit or football shirt, and then either choose a song from your Itunes library or get your Cher Lloyd on and screech down the microphone. What follows is your chosen strip busting some moves, while you laugh for approximately 10 seconds and copy some shapes for Saturday night down Oceana.

A fun and light hearted offering which leaves us feeling like we’ve chomped an entire box of Celebrations; sick and needing a break for a month.


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