Popular Jewel Trader App Now Available on Facebook

Popular Jewel Trader App Now Available on Facebook


Press Release:

Appsolute Media Extends Jewel Trader App for the iPhone/iPad to the Facebook Community; Drops Price of App on iPhone & iPad to $0.99 through January

New York, NY – Jan. 19, 2011  Appsolute Media, a digital media agency and publishing company, today announced that its popular Jewel Trader application is now available to the nearly 500 million Facebook users worldwide.  A fun, addictive strategy game, Jewel Trader puts people in the fast-paced world of luxury gem trading, and now Jewel Trader is available to play on Facebook at http://apps.facebook.com/jeweltrader/.   

Additionally, Appsolute Media is announcing a 50 percent price drop of the iPhone and iPad versions of Jewel Trader from $1.99 to $0.99 until January 31.  Jewel Trader in HD for the iPad can also be found in the App Store.

Jewel Trader gives people a taste of the world of gem dealing as they jet all over the world to trade those precious stones.  A jewel that goes for a big price in one place, though, might not sell as well in another.  And that’s the hook.  Once you start to really watch the global jewel markets and figure out what’s hot in different cities – and you will travel to places such as Paris, Tokyo, and Moscow – you’ll see your bank account explode.  Begin with a small loan and travel the globe to find deals on precious gems.  It’s a game that lets you sell precious gems all over the world, buy low and sell high, pay attention to news flashes, consult the experts for a big score, and watch out for the customs officer as you rack up the riches.

“If you enjoy trading games, you’ll love playing Jewel Trader on Facebook and challenging your friends,” said Appsolute Media’s President Jon Kobrin.  “This fast-paced game is set in the high-stakes world of international jewel trading, but life in jewel trading is not without bumps.  You’ve got to have money to make money – pay back interest on bank loans, pay insiders for tips on market trends, grease the palms of the airport security to discourage them from making you declare your gems as you carry them from airport to airport, in search of the next big score.  Jewel Trader keeps the stakes high and the adrenaline flowing as you trade your way to fortune and riches in the highest trading market imaginable.” 

About Appsolute Media

Appsolute Media is a digital media agency and publishing company.  The company creates digital products, designs games, leverages brands and personalities and social networks, and provides services for branding and creative technology.  Through aggressive and innovative promotion, Appsolute Media’s applications have been featured as Hot Apps by Apple and recognized by major industry publications.  For more information, visit http://www.appsolutemedia.com/.


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