8mm VINTAGE CAMERA: Recreate the Beauty and Style of old Fashioned Vintage...

8mm VINTAGE CAMERA: Recreate the Beauty and Style of old Fashioned Vintage Movies


8mm VINTAGE CAMERA iPhone App Review

Rid your movies of the boring sheen of crystal clear motion and sharp images, castaway high-def, and hail back to better days. With 8mm Vintage Camera you can shoot stunning, old-fashioned style movies straight from your iPhone and give your point and shoot moments a bit of antique class.

By mixing and matching different lenses and films you can add dust, scratches, filters, colours and even flicker the film you can recreate the visually stunning retro look of days gone by. There are 25 different combinations reproducing timeless, period styles; from the earliest Sepia tones, to the faded colour of the 70’s this app has heaps of genuine and unique effects.

View the effects in real-time through the viewfinder and be assured that would you see is what you shoot. Watch the world around you travel back in time and hit the red button to capture. Once captured the videos can easily be either saved to your phone, emailed to a fellow filmmaker or uploaded straight to your YouTube account.

Forget Avatar, forget Tron – breath life and atmosphere into iPhone movies with this visually stunning app.



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