Personal Safety Apps Worth Downloading

Personal Safety Apps Worth Downloading


Safety is a huge deal, and staying safe is vital. However, most people don’t treat it with respect. The average person will say they are safety conscious, but they are actually the opposite. It isn’t hard to see why. For one thing, situations which put your health into question don’t occur regularly. Then there is the fact that it is a time and energy-consuming practice. If only there were an app that could help. Oh wait, there is! In fact, there are several that will instantly solidify your personal safety.

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Don’t worry about the fact that it is marketed to families because that is only for advertising. Life360 is an awesome app for anyone regardless of their situation or marital status. It works by connecting you with friends and family and people that care about your well-being. In theory, you can let them know when you are in danger and they will take care of the rest. For instance, you might need an ambulance or emergency assistance after a slip or a fall. All you have to do is connect via Life360 and inform your loved ones. It’s available on iPhone as well as Android, and Windows.

Disaster Alert

Natural disasters like the tsunami in Indonesia in 2004 have become topical in recent years. More and more are occurring, from hurricanes to tropical storms. No one wants to get caught in the middle of a disaster, but it is possible if you’re unaware. Disaster Alert, as the name suggests, is an early warning system that tracks potential disasters around the world. A quick check of the app will inform you of any possible dangers in the surrounding areas. You know it’s trustworthy because Pacific Disaster Center produce the app.

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Why are these helpful for personal safety? It’s due to the new technology that both have incorporated in recent years. Both WhatsApp and Facebook have video communication technology, and it’s free. All you need is an internet connection, and you can communicate with anyone in the world. Seen as mobile roaming is everywhere, that shouldn’t be a problem in 2017. Thank to their video messaging services, both platforms are bringing the world closer together.


The average person doesn’t know that emergency services can only track your call to the nearest cell tower. And, that’s a problem because 70% of emergency calls come from a cell phone. SirenGPS makes a massive difference because the app allows responders to pinpoint your location. If you’re in need of a ground ambulance as soon as possible, it might be the difference between life and death. Plus, the app allows responders and users to communicate. Advice from a medical professional in an emergency situation is a big help if you’re a novice.

Customers see apps as helpful tools to help them make quick purchases or read the news. The truth is that they are lifesavers if you download the right ones. You can do a lot worse than the four above.


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