Recover Lost Data from Flash Drive with Wondershare Data recovery

Recover Lost Data from Flash Drive with Wondershare Data recovery


Ever got yourself in a situation where you need to recovery your data after either losing it through a virus attack, improper formatting, accidental deletion or unsafe removal? Then you know just how frustrating and heart wrenching it can be to find yourself in this situation. Fortunately there are softwares available to get you back those all important files. One such software is the Wondershare Data recovery.

Of course you can take steps to avoid losing your data. Steps that include backing up your device, protecting it from corrupted files and storing the flash drive safely.


Wondershare allows you to recover data from your flash drive with ease. The tool works on Windows and Mac and supports of number of documents, video, photo and audio. You can even recover your email and messages.

So how do you recover data with Wondershare software. Well that’s easy. Grab the flash drive that you had the data on. Plug it in to your computer and launch Wondershare. Click next, select the type of file you wish to recover. Click next and select external removable device. You will now have the option of a deep scan or raw file recovery. The files that have been lost due to formatting you should enable Deep Scan and for recovering files after long time interval you must enable raw file recovery. Choose the one that best suit your needs and select start to begin the scan. Once the scan is complete you can preview the data before recovering it. Once you see what you want click recover to get the lost files.

I have used Wondershare and I can say that it’s the best flash drive data recovery tool I have tried so far. You can download it for free with limited options or you can purchase it for $49.95 for the Windows version and $89.95 for Mac version.