Perfect Photo: Very Useful Photo App

Perfect Photo: Very Useful Photo App


Perfect Photo iPhone App Review

It really is one of the easiest ways to take your iPhone photos and turn them in to a work of art!


  • Take a photo within the program
  • Upload a photo off your phone
  • Add something special to your documents
  • Easily transfer with iTunes


  • Works best if you have the sister program FX Photo Studio, for some this might be an issue.

Summary: Until a few weeks ago when I reviewed the FX Photo Studio iPhone App by MacPhun LLC I had no idea there was a creative photography world out there just for people who used their iPhone camera. No clue. Sure, there are plenty if photography contests and clubs for those that use film (yes they still exist) and digital cameras (no phone included). The thought of using my iPhone (or before that my Touch) camera for something like creative photography would have made me laugh. I used my phone for an occasional quick photo, or when I did not want to lug around another piece of electronic equipment. Since I got my phone, my camera has gotten a little dusty. I have to say, these programs alone or together are worth their weight in gold. While none of my photos are equivalent to these on iPhonography ( they still look much better than your standard run-of-the-mill phone camera or digital camera (without using photoshop).


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