Mystic Pug Tarot: Not Bad For A Giggle, But Not Serious Enough!

Mystic Pug Tarot: Not Bad For A Giggle, But Not Serious Enough!


Mystic Pug Tarot iPhone App Review

Tarot, with a twist


  • Fun music
  • Different graphics


  • The pug isn’t so cute and cuddly; he’s a bit creepy looking
  • Free version is limited

Summary: To some, Tarot is something sacred, something one uses in their day to day life. While this app is cute and has some fun factor to it, I would not market it as “tarot.” Instead, I would market it as more of a pug style magic 9 ball. The reason being, tarot should not be made into a comical pug or a joke. Some might get a laugh and enjoyment, but I can see those who are extremely interested in tarot take this in the wrong manner. If that is you, skip this app.


  1. This is a really fun app that is definitely meant to entertain. If you look at the website they even say “the mystic pug tarot application is created for entertainment purposes only”. In personal experience though the Pug has been right about a number of things for me so far and it makes me laugh.

  2. Using the Pug is funny. I have seen things on the internet about real tarot users playing with the pug cards from years ago. They know it’s not real because it doesn’t have the correct number of cards. Fun stuff. It will make you laugh.


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