PDF Forms: The Ultimate PDF Management iPad App (Sponsored)

PDF Forms: The Ultimate PDF Management iPad App (Sponsored)


PDF Forms iPad App Review

Wit the melting of the polar ice caps and the hole in the Ozone layer being real problems, it’s up to us as individuals to do what we can to save the planet, one saved sheet of paper at a time. Well, with PDF Forms you can take one step closer to being a valiant eco-warrior as the iPad app allows you to work with PDF documents and forms without having to print them off.

The first aspect of this useful app that drew my attention was the fact that you can actually put your signature on documents (legal or otherwise), without printing them off. So this means that if you have to sign a contract or a house lease, you can just save a copy of your signature on the app, then resize it and place it in any area of the PDF form or contract just by tapping the screen. You have no idea how useful this function can be in an emergency situation; think angry landlord, late rent and a deposit hanging in the balance…you get the picture.

Never worry about a nightmare printing scenario again!

The most obvious use of the app is to download PDF documents from your email server and work with them on your iPad; you can also download them from other sharing platforms such as iTunes file sharing, Dropbox or any application that generates PDF files such as PDF PROvider. So, let’s say that you need to fill out a questionnaire for work or to win a competition, you can just download it on to your iPad, fill in the boxes and send it back electronically, without a single sheet of paper being printed. Think of all the trees that you’ll save! A very useful feature of this app is that you can actually edit forms that have already been filled in; this could be very useful for teachers who want to mark pupils’ work or people reviewing job applications.

Manage all of your files from one app.

From a technical perspective, PDF Forms allows you to split any PDF documents into separate PDF files, allowing you to edit various aspects of the document and partition it off into various sections; this can be very helpful with larger documents as you can split the form into more manageable pieces and then delegate someone else to deal with them!


This really is a particularly useful app for both business and pleasure; as the iPad becomes more and more predominant in our everyday lives, apps that allow you to work and manage your personal life directly from your iPad make the transition from useful to essential.


  • The interface is really clear and the controls are very intuitive; you can master the app in your first session.
  • Being able to zip files and then send them off via email is particularly useful.
  • The integration with Dropbox and iTunes is particularly effective for fluid file management.

Room For Improvement

At $7.99, it’s not as cheap as a lot of other iPad apps, but you pay for pure quality and the developers do run sales, like today’s Valentine’s Day 50% off sale!

Sponsored App Feature: This is a sponsored app. Every week we do one sponsored app feature where we put a new app to test and ask our contributors to comment about it.


  1. I downloaded PDF Forms for my iPad and I haven’t looked back – the fact that I can sign all of my legal documents is such a relief, and it means that I don’t have to run to the printer every time that I need to put my signature on anything, (I work as a lawyer, so this happens A LOT!).

  2. This app has saved my bacon a few times, mainly when the wife has been nagging me to fill out a questionnaire for her health club; I just tick the boxes on my iPad and away I go, leaving me more time to drink beer with my buddies! (I don’t actually go to the health club, ticking the boxes is enough exercise for me!)


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