Mega Multilingual Word Find: A great Word Search in any language!

Mega Multilingual Word Find: A great Word Search in any language!


Mega Multilingual Word Find iPhone App Review
Are you looking for a word game app that supports additional languages?

Perhaps you are a student looking to practice languages in a fun and unique way or you want to play with family members to help them acquire new words in different languages?

Well, Mega Multilingual Word Find can meet these needs and so much more!


All word searches are available in 4 different sizes, which is ideal for those wanting a quick time filler option or a longer challenge. The principles of the game have remained the same but have included additional extras to make it stand out from the rest. Firstly, a word can be selected by either swiping the appropriate letters or tapping the first and last letter of each word found. These are then highlighted for ease of play. The graphics and features are brilliant, particularly the way the words fizzle out at the bottom of the screen, once the word has been found. With 20 category topics available, there is enough variety to suit individual tastes. A great feature of this app is that it supports both iPhone and iPad, making the board adapt to the size of the screen. Additional languages can be purchased from the app itself, allowing users to build up their app with as many languages as they wish, making it individual and personal to meet their needs. The app contains automatic pause and resume, so users will never lose an unfinished word search puzzle.

Mega Multilingual Word Find provides a fun and interactive way of acquiring and practicing key words in a range of languages. It’s also a great app to add to your travel app list and for aiding language students. Overall, this is a user friendly and enjoyable app that can be used for entertainment and educational purposes.

Cons: The only updates suggested could include updated further languages and categories in the future. This is another great app by the Accio developers.


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