Get The Party Started With New Drinking Game App, Balagan!

Get The Party Started With New Drinking Game App, Balagan!


99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beeeeer! You take one down and pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall! Although this old-school drinking game might be fun to sing for a round or two, it tends to get fairly monotonous by around the 94 bottle mark and it doesn’t get anymore exciting from there… If you’re on the lookout for some racier game-play then checkout the new drinking game Balagan by app developers, Drink-O-Tron.

Balagan hits all the classics with comprised lists of: never have I ever, truth or dare, categories, would you rather and rule master, along with a few new ones like pop culture, karaoke, conversation starters and who’s this?

It’s free the download from the app store and comes packed full of random, drinking and action rounds. however, if you fancy expanding your drinking horizons even further then you can plump $0.99 for one of the other categories or pay a one-off $3.99 for the whole shebang.

The app’s language is decidedly cheeky right from the get go, with notifications like, “Easy there cowboy… You forgot to enter your names! If you don’t everyone will just be named ‘Player’, which seems cool, but is just confusing… If you’re cool with that then go ahead and press ‘Play’ again you weirdo.”

Once you’re through the entering process then the fun really starts and you had better hope you’ve picked some close, open-minded mates to play this with or sh*ts about to get real awkward (so not one for the parents, okay?). Answer questions like: ‘Kate, it’s time to play f*ck, marry or kill. Choose from everyone playing’, ‘Hula dance off with Tom and Bruce! Loser drinks!’ and ‘Suzie, do an impression of James Bond every time you take a drink’.

If you can handle the cheek and like a bit of levity when settling down for a serious sesh then Balagan is great fun to play with a group of rowdy mates and may well be worth the space in your iPhone.

So, if you’re happy to be hanging the next day then head over to the App Store and download Balagan today!


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