Pal is a Great New Way of Meeting Friends

Pal is a Great New Way of Meeting Friends


Finding new friends is generally hard to come by. People have friendships that have been running for years. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek new ones. Sometimes your current friends are too busy for you or you work hours mean they are already in bed. That’s why we think Pal is the perfect app to form new friendships. It allows you to search, create or join groups of people in your local area that have planned activities. Activities can be anything from book reading, going to the gym, gathering for a picnic or even meeting up at the local pub for a drink.

You can go through the feed and find out what other people are doing and see if interests you to join in. If there’s nothing that you fancy then you can create your very own activity and chat to people who have joined your group. Pal isn’t a dating app, couples can set up groups as well to find other couples who share a similar interest. If you got a load of mates who want to play football this weekend then you can search for other groups that can join your tournament and you can make it fun by offering a reward.

Pal is a social media app but instead of chatting with people using your phone you can actually do the chatting at a local coffee shop. The app pushes you to be active and meet new people. It’s a good thing because it can be a lonely world sometimes. There are different age groups using Pal, you can be 18 or 80, you will be able to use the app.

You can create a Pal account or sign in with Facebook or Google account. Pal is free to download and use. Its available on iOS and Android. Check it out and start making some new friend that will hopefully be with you for life.


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