nRadio App Makes Travelling More Enjoyable

nRadio App Makes Travelling More Enjoyable


Being the perennial traveller that I am, I often find myself living in different places, with different languages, histories and customs. Whilst I love hopping from spot to spot and exploring new lands, I often find myself yearning for things that I miss from back home, or even from one of the last places that I’d travelled to. What’s more important for me than anything else whilst on the road is access to my music or a decent radio station; too often I find myself on a 6-hour car journey with nothing to listen to but a half-hearted game of eye spy with my travelling companions. That’s why I’ve fallen for the new Internet radio app, nRadio to ensure that I can always find my favorite stations, no matter where I am.

nRadio is a radio app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod, which allows you to listen to radio stations from all over the world via the internet. It has an easy-to-use and unique interface which allows users to customize the look to just the way that they like it. Users are able to access their favourite local radio, from across twenty-three thousand stations in ninety different countries worldwide.

Any of your favorite stations can be saved to your favorite list to make access to the stations quicker and easier. Favourite lists can then be shared with friends via mail, SMS or Twitter. It’s free to use but if you desire a listening experience which is ad-free then it’s just an additional $1.99. There’s a built in alarm clock with an adjustable snooze ranging from 1-99 minutes, allowing you to always wake up to your favourite station.

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The Car-mode is designed with larger UI elements, making it easier for car use and more accessible to visually impaired users or the blind. The app also warns you if you’ve switched from a wireless internet to a cellular network to avoid unseen charges. It will also give you the option of being reminded of this within the hour or if you’d prefer to not receive the notification again.

For a free app with an easy-to-use and customisable interface and access to over twenty-three thousand channels in ninety countries worldwide, nRadio give exceptional value for no money at all – just a little storage space and is, in this humble writer’s opinion, well worth the download.

So if you feel like cruising along with your favourite radio DJ no matter where you are in the world, then bop on over to the App Store to download nRadio today!


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