NEWS: NYC Indie Games Studio Seeks Kickstarter Funding

NEWS: NYC Indie Games Studio Seeks Kickstarter Funding



Although we are primarily an iPhone site, it doesn’t hurt to give the other side a little bit of a lift now and again.

New York City based Happymonitor Games Studio will bring the March iOS release of the studio’s debut game, Islands Of Diamonds to even more players later in year with an Android version of the game. The Android release will be available through the Android Marketplace and Amazon App Store in Q2 2012.

What we find intriguing about this little venture is that in order to attract interest in the project, and generate additional funding to bring Android development capabilities to the studio for all future releases, the studio unveiled its thirty-day appeal today with a video featuring studio founders Paul Chambers and Zoe Chan.

The Kickstarter campaign through Friday March 2nd and can be followed at:  It’s a bit of a laugh, so why not have a quick peek?


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