Need $10,000 To Finance Your Next BreakOut App?

Need $10,000 To Finance Your Next BreakOut App?


With Angry Birds, Whats App and Draw Something all being such big hitters in the app world, the search for the next BreakOut app is on. CAST, the world leader in software analysis and measurement, and Dr. Dobb’s, the most respected development-focused brand for software development professionals, have announced the launch of the BreakOut Award that will offer a $10,000 cash prize to whoever has the world’s next best undiscovered app.

This competition aims to support innovation and uncover the next rising star of the app world. The BreakOut Award is open to a wide spectrum of developers, from individuals to corporate development teams. Dr. Dobb’s and CAST have assembled a panel of judges from the global technology community combining code analysis and expert commercial assessments to identify the next break out application based on: Purpose, Appeal, Quality, and Exposure. Entrants will also have their apps analysed using CAST’s Highlight application which provides feedback on the structural quality of their code.

The judging panel includes Dr. Dobb’s Editor in Chief Andrew Binstock and senior leaders and CEOs from GartnerGoodDataHubspotIBM Global Business ServicesKimberly-Clark, and TechHub.

The BreakOut competition aims to financially support developers while providing exposure needed to become the next Angry Birds orWhatsApp. The winner will receive a cash prize of $10,000 and be interviewed by J.D. Hildebrand, editor at large of Dr. Dobb’s. The award, open to developers worldwide over 18 years old, launches today and closes on August 28, 2012. The winner will be announced on September 13, 2012. To enter, register at, download the Highlight App from the website and use it to perform the analysis on the app and upload the results on



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