My Measures & Dimensions – Unmissable App for DIY Fans

My Measures & Dimensions – Unmissable App for DIY Fans

Never lose an important measurement again!

Cast your mind back to your last DIY project. Did you write a bunch of measurements on a scrap of paper? What were the chances of losing it or forgetting exactly what one of the measurements meant – just when you needed it the most? Most of us have been there and done that!

My Measures and Dimensions is a fab app that will solve this problem for you forever. Simply import a photo of the room, object, or person you want to measure, then quickly and easily draw lines, add measurements and put labels on. The app combines ease of use with many powerful functions so you can easily note down all the details even for a complex project. You can even email the annotated photos to your architect!

This app is a must for any serious DIYer and could be used to great effect by professionals like plumbers. My only disappointment regarding this app is that the “Lite” version, which is free, limits the user to only one measurement per photo. That’s not really enough for a casual user to get much benefit, which is a shame because those of us who are only very sporadic DIYers would like a decent free version! Still, all in all I’m happy to have bought it and feel it’s good value.

App released 5th October 2010, developed by SIS Software, £2.99

My Measures & Dimensions - SIS software


  1. It works perfect… they have even PRO version for iPad & iPhone and I have to tell you that it’s awesome lots of tools !!!


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