10 Most Incredible Optical Illusion iPhone Wallpapers

10 Most Incredible Optical Illusion iPhone Wallpapers


Spare some thought for the humble iPhone wallpaper. Whilst you’re off exploring the boundless world of apps, finding tools that can teach you how to cook, analyze your dreams and get you elected as Pope, your wallpaper stays still and true – the face of your phone. The thing is, we can all get a little jaded looking at the same image over and over again. So, why not add some spark to the relationship between man and machine with some eye-bending designs? These don’t involve any fancy animation; they just utilize simple tricks that invade the brain and befuddle the senses. With these incredible optical illusion wallpapers, you’ll be staring transfixed, astonished and possibly drooling: the true face of the iPhone fanatic.

10. Purple Illusions, ThemeMyPhone.com

This illusion works on about a hundred levels, and the human brain can probably only process six (note: we’re not scientists). You see the lines up there? The slanted ones? Well they’re not slanted at all but are perfectly straight. Get out your set square if you don’t believe us. You do have it with you, don’t you? The colors and shading fool our eyes into thinking the lines are crooked. What’s more, if you look at it one way, it appears as if three-dimensional tiles are emerging from the screen. Pretty cool.

9. Sea Sickness, Wallpapers-E.com

If you want to induce nausea but don’t have time to get on a boat, why not simply stare at this design? The appropriately named Sea Sickness disorientates you and sucks you into the void. We can’t stop staring at this and are worried we might be being hypnotized. Must… continue… list…

8. Dot Magic, ShowiPhoneWallpapers.com

On the surface, this seems quite a simple design. But what color are those dots where the lines meet? Black or white? A lot of these designs rely on affecting only your peripheral vision, which is why every time you try to focus on the color it changes. Something weird is happening, but you can’t quite put your finger (or your eyeball) on it…

7. Hypnotic Spinning Spiral Optical Illusion, Wallpaper-s.org

This is a really cool one (though not iPhone–sized, it’s worth manipulating). This trippy spiral effect draws the eye to the center, letting the outside images ripple and dots of color appear and reappear. This is the wallpaper equivalent of 2001: A Space Odyssey, though you probably shouldn’t stare at it for too long or you’ll think your iPhone is Hal. And it’s not.

6. Optical Illusion (grid), ThemeMyPhone.com

The Purple Illusions screenshot above contained just straight lines. That’s fine, we can live with that. But these – surely these lines are all over the place? Nope. Once again, you’re looking at a rigidly set out grid. Our eyes only perceive an image in relation to those around it. Here, the use of color and light tricks the eye into thinking the lines are sloped. The complicated visual stimuli make us think we see something that isn’t there.

5. iPhone, iDesigniPhone.com

Not an illusion, strictly speaking, but certainly a freaky design. iPhones stretching on into infinity, always out of touch. This is what carnival halls of mirrors will look like in a few years. Be careful though: if you look too closely, you might fall in.

4. Green Dots Optical Illusion, ThemeMyPhone.com

As you move this trippy image around, the colored pattern seems to ripple and move, like a tasteless carpet soaked with mind-altering substances. The pink crosses are placed at specific intervals, to make it seem as though certain areas are coming out at you. The human brain can be fooled quite easily, it seems.

3. Cracked Screen, MyiPhoneTricks.com

Why would you want your iPhone to look like its screen has been damaged? Three reasons: 1) It will discourage thieves with standards; 2) You can fool your friends into thinking you’re a dangerous wild man; 3) It just looks cool. It’s quite a convincing facsimile anyway. Also, if you ever do smash your screen, no one will notice.

2. Bubble Illusion, ThemeMyPhone.com

This is a more pleasant variation on the Sea Sickness design above. Keep your eyes fixed on the bubbles in the middle, and those around the edge will seem to swell and grow towards you. Again, it’s the color and shading that create this illusion.

1. Optical Illusion (cogs), sciphone.net

The word you’re looking for is “Whoa!” There is honestly no animation going on here, though it really looks like the wheels are moving. This incredible illusion is a true work of art. Stare at any of the circles individually and it will stop ‘moving’. But, all the others outside of your focus will seem to turn. Things like this make you question whether you can ever believe your eyes!

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  1. I was sure this must be animated gif picture until I moused over and saw it’s a jpg. actually just a still photo. Incredible .

  2. interesting, graphic designs! the “sea-sick.png”, “whoa.jpg”, and dot magic, and the others. I want to use one of your images for my blogspot. thanks!

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