MrFall: Explosive Spelunking Adventure

MrFall: Explosive Spelunking Adventure

MrFall iPhone App Review
Mr Fall, the most courageous spelunker around.

MrFall is a tumble down memory lane. The game is set to succeed after pulling out all the stops to replicate awesome classics like Mario and Sonic. You play as the unfortunately named Mr Fall, prepped and ready in his practical helmet. Helmets are cool.

In this side-scrolling platformer, your objective is to collect all diamonds on each level and to reach the finish. You must overcome fearsome adversaries, such as snakes and giant insects, to complete your task.

However, MrFall isn’t going to fall victim to an everyday, giant scorpion. No, no.

Your helmeted crusader is armed with an arsenal of explosive T.N.T sticks to blast him through the many foes plaguing his descent into the depths of the pixel-perfect planet.


  • Retro-esque style;

The design of the game is sublime. The characters movements are fluid, and the fast paced action is addictive and fulfilling. The games style is iconic, and very easy on the eye.

  • Addictive gameplay;

Like platform games before it, MrFall is easily addictive. You’re really absorbed by the gold-rush once you begin hoarding the diamonds, and decimating obstacles in your way. With a great selection of levels, you’ve got hours of gameplay to satisfy your insatiable appetite for diamonds and adventure.

  • Fiddly controls

The biggest disappointment with this game is the controls. They offer very little manoeuvrability, and aren’t very intuitive. However, the controls do offer the greatest visibility of the game at your fingertips. This is something that could be easily fixed though and, at the time of writing, jumping was a little inaccurate.

Overall, this is a game for the intrepid spelunker who isn’t afraid to wave his T.N.T stick in the face of his enemies. The game conjures a great sense of nostalgia, but also sets itself apart with unique gameplay and visuals.

The game deserves a solid 4 stars. It was a tough call – great gameplay undone by slightly inaccurate controls. The controls aren’t enough to stop you from playing the game. The graphics are incredible, and the app sucks you in from the start.

If you’re looking for a game with superb graphics, great gameplay, and gorgeous audio – look no further! MrFall is the game for you.


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