Dig App: Find Apps For Anything!

Dig App: Find Apps For Anything!


Dig App iPad App Review
If you happen to find the challenge of trawling through all the apps on the market then you can help simplify your searching efforts by installing and using this app.

Dig App is a helpful little programme that allows you to look through the available apps on the market based on popularity at a certain time. For example if you wish to find out and download from the top apps of July 2009, you can – right the way through to current day apps.

Once you’ve satisfied your searching curiosity, all you do is select the app you wish to download or take a closer look at and it then connects you to the app store directly where you can purchase and/or download the app. I have to say, this is a simple and niftily effective app which simplifies the searching for both paid for and free apps.

If I was to cast any downside to this particular application, I would only be able to say that it only lacks the ability for you to search by text (but then again you do have the option to do this through the normal means). Alternatively, it proves a real marvel and allows you to refine your search by genre, not just by date (year, month or week).

This is a very useful app and one that really should be a must have for your searching needs, pure and simple.


  • Well thought out and logical search application
  • Downloading is a doddle
  • Searching is able to be done by year, month or week and for both free and paid for titles
  • Define the genre you wish to download


  • You can’t search by title
  • It doesn’t offer suggestions for apps or alternatives
  • Working your way through the provided apps could take some time


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