Monstruction: No! Not Menstruation (Word Dictionary), Monstruction!!!

Monstruction: No! Not Menstruation (Word Dictionary), Monstruction!!!


Monstruction iPhone App Review

Just last night one of my buddies was saying that using tilt in an iPhone game is hard to do, if you want to be successful at it, especially in landscape mode. Well Monstruction is not landscape nor is it a shoddy job. The game is downright hilarious with bears, birds and other nuisances coming out of no where trying to topple your level artwork. Of course you can counter their attacks by tilting your iPhone so as to offset their taps.

This game really is cute! Well done sound effects… so good you barely hear them in the background. And that’s important since it allows for one hell-uv-uh good experience playing the game.

All in all this game gets 9 out of 10. Hopefully they’ll make manipulating the objects a little easier in the future so that we can get through a level faster and score more points!


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