apzOrb HD: Snake in space…

apzOrb HD: Snake in space…


apzOrb HD iPhone App Review
I think I’ve managed to find the worst game in quite a while to run on iOS – let me introduce you to apzOrb HD. If you think of the classic game of snake where you must munch blocks of food within a grid and avoid eating yourself or bumping into a wall, well, if you place the snake into orbit thus removing any hazards, you have a pretty good idea about what apsZorb HD is – that’s right, pretty pointless!

OK being objective for a moment, you have the choice of playing either against the clock or classic gobble up everything you can and score the most possible. Now either of these would be immensely fun, after all, Snake is a classic game that you’d be harsh to snub at the best of times. However, this game lacks any true controls and the screen is too close up to the floating snake, making it nearly impossible to see anything else on the screen – even if you could control the snake!
So given the challenge of gobbling up the associated coloured block that your snake happens to be, this is a difficult thing to do at the best of times.

Overall, if you are a diehard Snake fan, you may be tempted to give this game a whirl. In short – avoid this game and spend your time and money on something else.


  • None – even the blocky graphics seems pointless to have in HD?!


  • Terrible handling
  • Too close to see anything on screen
  • A total hash of a classic game


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