Monday News Round Up: Just What Is Apple Up To?

Monday News Round Up: Just What Is Apple Up To?


The rumours that have been circulating around the Apple camp of late have all been based on the size of the next iPhone’s; first it was going to be a larger screen, then it was going to be a nano screen and if the latest musings are to be believed, the new device is going to be somewhere in between the classic iPhone and the iPad!  An analyst with a good history of picking winning rumours has predicted that the next Apple device’s screen will be around 5 or 6 inches…the best of both worlds or a bit of a cop out?

If you are a bit of an Apple aficionado, then this might be of interest to you; a set of ultra-rare Apple playing cards are currently being auctioned on Ebay!  The set of cards feature icons from Apple’s OS 7 icon pack, including Bombs, Clocks, Mac Face and Trash Cans in the place of the more traditional Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds and Spades!

Gambling may not be your bag, but everyone should be pleased with the offer of China’s Huawei, who have offered to kit out the London Underground with mobile phone reception for free!  They say that they will pick up the £50 Million tab as a gift from one Olympic host nation to another…er, thanks!


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