3 iPhone Apps To Get You Organised For The Week

3 iPhone Apps To Get You Organised For The Week


It’s not just Bob Geldof that doesn’t like Mondays, the rest of us are rarely too keen to start the week by tapping away on a computer screen whilst still trying to shake off the weekend’s hangover.  To help you get settled for the week ahead, here are three iPhone Apps that will make your business and social life a lot easier to manage, therefore allowing you plenty of opportunity to recover enough to start the whole process again on Friday night!

1. EverNote – Free, Updated: Jan 12, 2011, Developer: Evernote

Of all the organizational iPhone apps on the market at the moment, Evernote is ahead of the game by leaps and bounds.  It’s multi-functionality means that you can save notes in so many different formats, from the old fashioned typing on the keypad to voice memos, snapshots and camera rolls, which actually use your iPhone’s camera and photo library to format your notes.  You can then sync the app with your online account on your computer, where you can share files and update your databases.  The app is free to install but if you want to upgrade to the premium service, allowing you much more data allowance, it is only $5 per month…bargain!

2. UrbanSpoon, Free, Updated: Dec 20, 2010, Current Version: 1.17, Seller: Wanderspot, LLC

For anyone who has ever lost in an argument over where to eat, then spent the entire meal sulking, this app is for you.  UrbanSpoon is a fantastic little app for organising where you are going to dine out; by using Google Maps technology, it allows you to search for nearby restaurants according to type, cost and proximity, then directs you to reviews, customer comments and menus of local eateries, meaning that you get a more informed choice rather than just going off the closest neon sign offering bargain basement burgers.

3. FileMagnet – $4.99, Updated: Nov 09, 2010, Current Version: 2.02, Seller: Magnetism Studios

This app really is a must-have if you want to transport a lot of files or storage around with you without carrying your laptop or an external hard drive, as it essentially transforms your iPhone into a portable storage device.  You can copy PDF, iWork, RTF and Word documents and files into your iPhone from your computer and, best of all, you don’t have to be online to view them.  If you want to sync it up to a new computer and transfer files then it is just a click and sync away, or you can utilize the email-sharing button.



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