Meet Vocal Warrior: The New Street Fighter-Style Game With Voice Recognition

Meet Vocal Warrior: The New Street Fighter-Style Game With Voice Recognition


Street fighter-style games have been around since the ’80s and have enjoyed tremendous popularity over the decades with remodels continually hitting the gaming scene and even a few nostalgic retro comebacks. The duel structure of the game whereby two fighters are pitted against each other, both equipped with different fighting techniques, sets the stage for epic battles against friends and soon-to-be enemies. However, hacks of this simple game can be frustrating and if you’ve ever gone up against a newbie only to be destroyed by their incessant smashing of buttons then you’ll love the new Vocal Warrior iteration by SOA Games.

Vocal Warrior lets you throw punches, chain combos and knockout opponents just like you would do in any other street fighter game, but with one major difference – you’re made to shout your commands at the screen. Like an overzealous parent at a pee wee soccer match, you’ll have to yell and scream to get your avatar to get smash your opponent down.

FanAppic - Vocal Warrior Fighting

Each character will have different moves in their arsenal and you’ll need to instruct them to land the correct punch and chain-kick different moves together to knock your opponent to another dimension. The graphics are designed in a charmingly sweet anime fashion and may seem a little incongruous with the style of the game at first, but the artwork is solid and you’ll soon find that ordering cutesy-style cartoons to smash each other up is alarmingly satisfying.

The app features leaderboards, multiplayer availability (so you can play with your friends) and regular content and character updates. The gameplay is activated with the latest in voice recognition technology to ensure that your character understands your commands and reacts accordingly. Like any good coach; after your player lands a good punch, congratulate and cheer them on as your encouragement will make all the difference to their performance.

For a street fighter game with a difference Vocal Warrior is well worth a punt – just make sure that you’ve got an ample supply of lozenges if you’re planning a full battle weekend. The app is free to download from the App Store and is available in just about every language that you can think of with in-app purchases available for those who’d like extended play.

So if you’d like to scream your way to victory then place a well-aimed high kick and the download button at the App Store today!