4 Apps That Will Fill Up Your Free Time

4 Apps That Will Fill Up Your Free Time


In the golden age of technology we live in today, there’s an app for pretty much everything. Whether for utility, pleasure, or merely to pass the time, our phones are now limitless gateways in distraction.

There is no shortage of apps that encourage large portions of our time. Similarly, there a swath of internet services which hold our undivided attention each and every day. Online gambling illustrates this to a T; play Schmitts Casino for example, and you’ll find yourself losing hours upon hours.

What if you’re trying to kill some time, but don’t have all that much time to give? What if you just want a game that you can put as much or as little time into as you desire? Pick-up-and-play experiences are what the App Store does best – with more impressive apps to choose from than ever.

So, here are 4 apps that are guaranteed to pass the time.

1. Hitman GO

Hitman GO

For anyone familiar with the Hitman series, this mobile outing may not be what you expect. Flipping the Hitman formula on its head, GO takes the infamous assassin, Agent 47, and places him on a board of increasingly more challenging puzzles, designed to test your problem solving skills.

Beautiful scale model-style visuals and a killer soundtrack compliment the highly-addictive puzzle-solving gameplay. It’s a smart use of the franchise, perfectly suited for gaming on the go (no pun intended). Put your brain to the test, and see how efficiently you can take out your target.

2. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Just like the board gaming renaissance we are currently finding ourselves in, digital card games have never been bigger; with Hearthstone being the clear leader of the pack. Set within the fantasy setting of Warcraft, Hearthstone allows you to collect cards, battle opponents, and unlock rewards.

Epitomizing the just one more go aspect of gaming, it’s as addictive as it is polished. The gameplay systems, along with the sound design and animation are some of the best anywhere on app stores. Play against the AI or battle a real-world player and see how your deck stacks up.

3. Akinator the Genie


While not a game in the traditional sense, Akinator will have you coming back again and again in sheer disbelief. This digital genie challenges players to think of anyone, fictional or real, and through asking a few simple questions, will tell you who that person is, no matter how obscure they may be.

The most stubborn of players will get a kick out of trying to outsmart Akinator, even after countless times of “having their mind read”. Stats show how many times Akinator has guessed that person before, and a slew of customization options can be unlocked by finding a series of mysterious characters.

4. Score! Hero

While many may be put off by the term ‘sport’, Score! Hero is a game for fans and non-sporting fans alike. Through drawing lines on your phone’s screen you explore almost 500 challenge levels, each trickier than the last. Unlike other sports games, there are no full matches here – rather, set pieces.

Each level presents you with a single set piece and tasks you with scoring a goal. Trace a line for the perfect pass, split defenses, and score the game-winning goal. Each scenario is its own mini puzzle, housed within stunning 3D graphics and gameplay that’s simple to play but tough to master.


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