Make texting safer with Type While Walking

Make texting safer with Type While Walking

Type While Walking iphone appBy Isayonline Services, Updated 25th June,  £0.59

Never bump into things while texting and walking ever again. Type While Walking A.K.A. Type ‘n’ Go allows you to write texts, emails, notes and Facebook posts on a screen which shows the view ahead through your built in camera.

Maybe you can’t take your eye off your kids or a critical football match to write that important text. Or, as it’s description points out, maybe you need a decoy to check out some good looking girl. Although, we’re thinking a newspaper and a pair of dark aviators may be more discrete.

It’s a cool idea with many uses and adds fun to writing texts and emails. When you’ve finished your writing, simply tap on the icons at the top of the screen for either Facebook, email or SMS text then the app will automatically copy and paste it ready to be sent. If your surroundings are too bright to see your text, simply change the writing from black to white by the tap of a button.

However, it’s worth noting that these features will only function properly on iOS4. If you haven’t upgraded to this latest software, the links to email and Facebook etc are still there but you’ll have to paste the writing manually; taking your eye off your surroundings.

The keypad appears to be it’s major weakness when used on older software, as it’s unable to function properly when switching between landscape and portrait. Also, having to delete the random recipient it adds by default is frustrating and unnecessary. But upgrade to iOS4 and all these problems will be gone.

Type While Walking gets the green light but only for iPhone users with the latest software. If your too busy to stop and text, it really does make writing whilst moving easier and safer. Take multitasking to another level and download today.

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