iDreams Pro may be the answer to your dreams

iDreams Pro may be the answer to your dreams


idreams pro iphoneReleased 18th June, 0.8 MB, £ 0.59
Meet iDreams Pro – a dreams interpretation guide which may answer that question we sometimes ask ourselves…. what did that dream last night mean? Maybe you’re having recurring dreams? Are you suffering from disturbing nightmares? Are you desperate to know why some dreams may be due to your lifestyle? If you want answers – download iDreams Pro today.

We’ve all experienced a variety of dreams in the land of nod and thanks to this interesting little app we can start to understand them. The amount of information available is vast. It’s spread over 18 categories including the ‘Meaning of dream symbols’, ‘Recurring dreams’, ‘Nightmare Dreams’, ‘Most common dream images’ and ‘Lucid dreams’. Not sure what lucid dreams are? Well, all is revealed and clearly explained.

Now, this is a good thing and yes it’s good value for money but quickly searching for the relevant facts for analysing a dream could prove to be a nightmare. Even though the information is clearly divided into sections, a search engine processing the key words describing the events in your dream would be handy.

The app itself even says ‘your dreams are unique to you’, so can such a guide provide you with the reliable reasoning behind your personal dreams? The explanations are generalised and don’t always give a clear answer. A lot of the information is based around a dreamy nature – ‘Some believe that dreams can predict the future. Others say that dreams depict real life’ for example.

However, lots of praise goes to the artwork. Never has there been an app with such a beautiful homepage and it’s spiritual appearance suits the subject creatively.

You won’t be more knowledgable than a professor in the scientific study of dreams but you’ll be given a good insight into their meaning, which may lead to sweet dreams and the avoidance of nightmares. If this doesn’t interest you, the app will bore you to the point of nodding off. But for those who need answers, this could make your dreams come true.

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