Make Photo Tagging a Thing of the Past with FindYou Photo

Make Photo Tagging a Thing of the Past with FindYou Photo


Tagging is quite a laborious concept. It involves going through every photo in the batch you intend to upload, and singling out all the people who were captured in each individual shot. While this is quite labor-intensive and time-consuming, it’s also pretty dull. Yes, Facebook tries to utilize some form of automatic tagging thing, but it never quite works, and the old maxim remains true; if you want something done right, you just have to do it yourself. Except, maybe you don’t. Maybe tagging has had its day and it’s time to usher in a new era of photo-sharing. One app thinks it has the answer; it’s called FindYou Photo and it’s out now on iOS.

FindYou Photo is the brainchild of developer Liam Rogers, who conceived of the idea while on holiday in Cuba. He took a glorious snap of a sunset which featured a couple holding hands in silhouette. The picture was so good, he started lamenting the fact that the unwitting models would never be able to see it. If only there was some way they could. Thus, FindYou Photo was born. It’s a clever riff on photo-sharing that allows you to search shots by time, date and place, as opposed to hashtags and tagging. The idea is that Liam would upload his Cuba photo to the platform, then the happy couple would be able to seek it out using time, date and place parameters.

FindYou photo

You can immediately see how this would be applicable to many social situations, not just unsuspecting holiday snaps. Weddings, parties, gatherings of any kind; hundreds, possibly thousands of photos are taken at any one of these events. Such is the digital world we live in, in 2018. Instead of relying on tagging, you could search out all the photos using the FindYou Photo parameters, and check out all the collective snaps in one go. It even allows for professional photographers to sell their shots, if there’s a specific time or place that people want to remember.

All you need to do is download the app and get started. It’s a simple, smooth interface that lets you log in with Facebook or email, and from there, you can upload your own photos or scour through the collection that has already been put up by other users. Is it smart? Yes. Is it easier than tagging? Yes. Is it interesting? When is finding unknown photos of yourself ever not interesting! FindYou Photo could be the next big thing…it just needs a lot of people using it! So track it down on the App Store and start sharing your photography today!


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