Magnetic Baby: A Legless Kirby Tries To Save The Day

Magnetic Baby: A Legless Kirby Tries To Save The Day


Magnetic Baby iPad App Review
Don’t worry; this isn’t a game featuring a drunken version of the popular Nintendo character, but rather a cute little ball that closely resembles the enemy inhaling, pink blob (minus the legs).

Magnetic Baby introduces you to its wonderfully colourful world with a charming little comic book style sketch which informs you that there has been a disaster on your magnetic planet and you’ve got to save your little pink girlfriend.
To reach your damsel in distress you have to manoeuvre around various lumps of planet which all have their own magnetic pull, so as you gather speed and jump into the air you can successfully travel into the magnetic field of another land mass to collect stars -and eventually- your missus.

There are a variety of controls which you can switch between at any time during the game, my personal preference being an on-screen joystick and jump button. The controls seem simple it first but a steep learning curve can cause some frustration as your little friend seems to fly off in unexpected directions or move around a lot faster than expected. This is a unique take on the physics genre but I feel a lot of the jumps between obstacles seem to rely on pure luck (or much more skill than what I possess).

Pros: Fantastic graphics and a unique idea.

Cons: You will be replying levels over and over again as your jumps can be a bit hit and miss.

Overall Magnetic Baby is a charming game and with a few adjustments to the physics it could really become addictive. Hopefully with the promise of more levels there will be some time taken to look at this for the next update.


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