Love Football? Own An iPhone? Make Sure You Get These Awesome Apps!

Love Football? Own An iPhone? Make Sure You Get These Awesome Apps!


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Football (or ‘soccer’) is a popular sport played by people around the world. It takes its roots from Ancient Greek times, and its popularity grew during the Middle Ages in England. Many people are self-confessed football fanatics!

If you own an Apple iPhone, you will doubtless be wondering what football apps you can get for your device. Today’s handy list showcases some of the best ones for 2015. Check them out below:



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As you know, FIFA is the governing body of football. The organization oversees football competitions and tournaments around the world, including the World Cup.

Many football fans have this app on their iPhones because it gives them the latest match scores and news. The user interface is slick and easy to use. And it doesn’t take a long time to load up!

Get the FIFA app from the App Store (it’s a free download).


OLBG Sports Betting Tips

Let’s say that you love to place the occasional bet on a significant football match. You might even get some team developments from this website. But what if you need a quick and easy way to find out stuff from your iPhone?

One thing you could do is to download and use the OLBG Sports Betting Tips app! The major selling point of this app is that you can place your football bets within the app itself.

Get the OLBG Sports Betting Tips app from the App Store (it’s a free download).


Eurosport Player

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If you live in the UK, you will doubtless watch some of your favorite football matches on the Eurosport channel. It can be a real bummer if you’re not near your TV at home to watch any games, don’t you think?

To combat this problem, the company behind the channel have created the Eurosport Player app. You can watch live streaming of matches or video highlights direct from your iPhone! All you need is a good mobile or Wi-Fi connection. And a subscription to the service – which is actually pretty cheap!

Get the Eurosport Player app from the App Store (free download, subscription needed).


Dream Team

If you’re a fan of “fantasy football” you need to start using the awesome Dream Team app! Brought to you by the people behind the Sun newspaper in the UK, the app is now updated for the 2014 – 2015 season.

Get the Dream Team app from the App Store (it’s a free download).



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You might be used to hearing about world-famous clubs like Manchester United and Chelsea. But one club that’s close to many a football fan’s hearts is Everton. The club is the place that nurtured many of today’s pro footballers, such as Wayne Rooney.

The official Everton app gives fans news and scores on the latest team matches. You can also check out the bios of their players. And you can even buy tickets through the app! It’s a highly recommended download for Everton and non-Everton fans alike.

Get the Everton app from the App Store (it’s a free download).


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