London BusMapper: Find the right bus, anywhere, anytime!

London BusMapper: Find the right bus, anywhere, anytime!


London Bus Mapper iPhone App Review

London BusMapper is a helpful and practical transport app that allows users to find any bus route in London. The app will use your current location and then calculate the top four bus routes to a specific place selected on the map provided or a location entered into the app by the user. The app also features a ‘Get Me home’ selection, which will direct the user home from their current position. This travel app will also estimate the travel times for both bus journeys and walking distances.


This is an extremely useful app to have on your iPhone for any traveller in London. Its purpose and idea are practical and essential and it is also very simple to use. It gets to the point quickly and easily. The app adjusts to day or night buses depending on the time of day that the app is being used. This is a beneficial feature as night bus routes often vary. The ‘Get Me Home’ selection also promotes safety and aids users with the quickest options and routes available. The estimated times given for both bus and walking journeys are also great, as users can plan their journey in advance and will know what to expect. The routes are highlighted on the map, making it quick and easy to view and follow.


The app may specify a bus stop that is not directly near the location the user has entered or near their current location. This may not be helpful if the user is in an unknown location and cannot find the recommended bus station. The app could therefore direct users to the bus stations that they have mentioned. The app currently does not account for traffic, road closures and bus stop suspensions, which is also crucial information for any traveller. Personally, the biggest problem occurs when multiple busses are needed for a specific location. However, the app developers have specified that multi routes and schedules are coming soon.



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