Locum Log: iPhone App For Busy Workers

Locum Log: iPhone App For Busy Workers


Locum Log iPhone APp Review
This app is designed for those who no longer wish to keep a hand written log of travel expenses such as mileage and parking fees.

Note: In Euros and do not see an option to switch to USD


  • Easy to use
  • Your accountant will love it
  • Email the calendar
  • Export to excel
  • Pending payments
  • Color code dates


  • Needs some blank fields for user to customize to their needs.
  • Price is a bit steep compared to other apps that track the same and have just as much simplicity.

Summary: To really understand this app one first must know what a “Locum” is. A locum is a person who stands in for someone else, such as a substitute teacher. The calendar will keep track of the days you had to travel. You can also keep track of where you traveled to, the rate you were paid, mileage expense, parking fees, and any accommodations. This program may also work well for those who are paid public speakers and have to travel from venue to venue.


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