iPadAppCafe.com is merging with iPhoneAppCafe.com

iPadAppCafe.com is merging with iPhoneAppCafe.com


This wasn’t an easy decision since there are pros and cons with having two separate sites which has been the case up to now! But after having listened to our reader feedback and contributor feedback and also considering the challenges of effectively manage the two separate site, we have come to the conclusion that one site is the way forward 🙂

So I like to let you know that (if things go to plan) as of 31 August we will shutdown iPadAppCafe.com and all posts will be transferred to iPhoneAppCafe.com. In fact to our readers nothing will change! All the links will work and all the same content will still exist. The only difference is the URL change from iPadAppCafe.com to IPhoneAppCafe.com.

And for those of you who are only interested in one or the other, there is no cause for alarm! We will be adding some clever sort and filtering features soon so that you can filter the reviews by iPhone or iPad!

We Look forward to any feedback you might have and we hope you will find the new merged site even more user-friendly and fun!


  1. I think, it was necessary to merge these sites. The only thing that’s a bit confusing is link “iPad” leading to home page, but apart from that everything is OK!


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