Lasso the best of the Wild West with Word Roundup Stampede

Lasso the best of the Wild West with Word Roundup Stampede


Word Roundup Stampede is a Wild West twist on the classic word puzzle game format that delivers a sense of action and urgency as you lasso lost words like you’re chasing down a bull. The game was created by word puzzle master David L. Hoyt who just so happens to be the world’s most syndicated word puzzle creator. You can find his games in publications like USA Today & The Los Angeles Times or hunt down his popular apps including Picturiffic, Just Jumble & Just 2 Words to name but a few. Needless to say that with his pedigree, this game, like his others, does not disappoint.   

During the game you work to a timer that gives you a chance to collect words with your Wild West lasso. We’ve got to give big compliments to whoever created the musical score to this game as well. App music is typically and almost always utterly terrible but the cowboy western themed music really adds a particular form of urgency and excitement to this game. The design is pretty standard for your word puzzle games. There are 49 squares of letters made up of rows and columns of 7’s.  Your objective is to lasso these letters into words. Once you’ve connected all the squares the puzzle is complete and you’ll be rewarded with coins, which in turn can be used to unlock more puzzles.

If it all sounds pretty much like your standard word puzzle game so far, don’t despair; there was no way that David L. Hoyt wasn’t going to put his own creative genius into this. Word Roundup Rodeo has a few characteristics that make it completely unique and arguably better to the thousands of word puzzle games available across the app universe.

Unlike other games, you aren’t playing with a list of words that you have to find. Instead you’ve got to be a little more creative and hunt these words down yourself. This adds an element of advanced challenge for the more sophisticated word puzzle masters out there. However, don’t panic if you can’t find those trickier words as Hoyt has designed a great built-in feature called Hoyt Hint. Not only does this give you a few extra clues in a Jeopardy style format c_ue (clue), you’ll also be rewarded with bonus coins and points for using these clues. It’s also good to note that the middle square, which is represented by a Sheriff’s badge is wild, which means it can represent any letter you can imagine, well, I mean, within the spectrum of our limited alphabet.

All of the action takes place in 3:00 minutes and you’re awarded according to the size of the words you form and the speed in which you complete the task. We also love the multiplayer mode where you can take on friends and family to determine the master of Wild West. If you turn on the speaker mode whilst playing multiplayer, you can get a narration of the action as you go, this is also available in single player mode, but it’s especially addictive when playing multiplayer.

Word Roundup Stampede is available across all devices on iOS, Android and the Amazon store and offers over 200 levels of fun at your fingertips. It’s completely free to download, so if you’re a word puzzle game fan and are looking for a new challenge, this is one you simply won’t want to miss. We’d love to know if you like it as much as we do so drop a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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