Boredom Busters in Your Pocket: Outdoor Games for GPS-Enabled Smartphone Users

Boredom Busters in Your Pocket: Outdoor Games for GPS-Enabled Smartphone Users


So you’ve beaten all of the latest video games on your console or computer and you’re now looking for something a little different. Well, if you have a GPS-enable mobile phone, then you are just in luck.

Mobile app developers have created tons of fun, interactive games that you can play on your phone outside. This way, you can get out of the house and breath some fresh air, all while completing quests and interacting with other players. Here are some cool apps that will get you off the couch and adventuring outside in no time.

Location apps

Watch the Weather First…

First things first. Before you play a GPS game, you need to know what to expect outside. Weather Live Free is a weather app that will give you up-to-the-minute information so you can stay dry and dress for the season.

This weather app let’s you know everything you need to. It has the current temperature and takes wind chill and humidity into account to give you a “feels like” temperature as well. With some GPS games, you’ll be outside for hours, and this app has an hourly forecast so you know how long you have until that storm arrives. There is even a live weather radar so you can keep a close eye on any fronts that are in your area.

Pokemon GO

Unless you’ve been living under your couch for the last year, you know that Pokemon GO has taken mobile gaming by storm. In the game, you walk around your neighborhood and try to catch critters called Pokemon, which you can then train and grow.

The fun happens when you battle other players in areas that are designed for combat. You join a team and, whichever team has the most victories at that spot, owns that spot.

The game has millions of users, so finding Pokemon and battles shouldn’t be hard, no matter where you live.


Geocaching has been around for years, but with the increasing number of GPS-enable mobile phones, it’s now more popular than ever.

The premise is simple: members of the geocaching community hide containers and then you use your GPS to locate them. Think of it as a scavenger hunt, but on a worldwide scale. Because the community is so large, you will probably be able to find things very near your own home, especially if you live in a larger city.

Parallel Kingdom

This game combines tradition role-playing games — think Dungeons & Dragons — with a map that is made up from the real world. It uses an overlay on Google Maps to build a fantasy world where you have to battle creatures and fight your way through castles and dungeons.

There are plenty of levels and there is even a leaderboard so you can keep track of your score and brag to your friends about who the better player is.

Rather than spend all day indoors, head outside and try one of these GPS-enabled games today.

A guest post by Georgia Pickering. Georgia is a mom who loves to see her kids playing outside, and thinks some of the best family memories have been created on outdoor adventures they have had together as a family. She writes about parenting and getting the youngsters outdoors.