Iron Man Meets American Football With Return Man 3: The Season

Iron Man Meets American Football With Return Man 3: The Season


What if the Iron Man franchise wasn’t centred around a flying superhero but focused instead on a American football halfback who was incredibly adept at getting to the N-Zone? The third instalment would probably bear a similar title as Return Man 3 and while I’m not sure that it would bring in the same ticket sales it would certainly give Robert Downey Junior a fun game to play in his down-time.
Return Man 3: The Season is a fun little game that places you at the helm of a scrum and gives you the task of running the gauntlet of macho football players trying their best to take you down whilst you try to score a touchdown.

Unlike Iron Man, you don’t have the rest of The Avengers to rely on for defending you against enemies, but you do have your teammates blocking any bad bastard that tries to get in your way whilst you duck a weave around the pitch. The premise of the game is simple and there’s no in between, you either get through and score a touchdown or face being mocked by the game’s score-board encouraging you to take up golf or shuffleboard instead… I’ll show them…

Scattered around the pitch are lightning bolts that give you a little boost in speed; don’t get me wrong, they’re no rocket packs (that would be cheating!), but they can come in handy if a 6’5” log of a man launches himself in your direction.


As you progress through the levels you’ll receive fun encouragement like, “I remember that one time when you were awesome. Oh wait, that was right now!” but you’ll have to face additional challenges such as thick fog clouding (pun!) your judgement, “You can’t avoid what you can’t see, sorry bro.”

So if Pepper Potts allows you some time away from the lab, check out Return Man 3 The Season or if you’re on Android then you can try out this very similar game Ted Ginn: Kick Return Football.


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