iPhone Survives 6,000 Foot Drop with mentalKase

iPhone Survives 6,000 Foot Drop with mentalKase


After successfully safeguarding an iPhone from a 6,000 foot drop, mentalKase is now offering Kickstarter giving contributors a chance to take part in a skydiving adventure.

Those backers who pledge $10,000 or more will get the chance to fly first class to Arizona and experience a thrilling skydiving adventure where they will put their iPhone in the hands of the dare devils at mentalKase.

The rugged, shock resistant and buoyant mentalKase is designed to guard the iPhone during the most extreme outdoor adventures – from skydiving to rock climbing and everything in between.

Made of TPU and EVA foam the two-part component system case provides weekend warriors with a worry-free way to take their iPhone on their wildest the adventures.

mentalKase’ two-part component system features three usage modes:

Case only – Use the impact resistant case as a standalone item. Made of protective foam and TPU, the case fits snugly onto the iPhone and provides ultimate protection against drops and scratches.

Case in base, face out – Use the base with the case facing out giving users access the iPhone’s touch screen while attached to a backpack, bag or other gear


Case in base, face in – Stow the case facing into the foam base to protect the screen but still allowing access to the 3.5mm jack.

Expected to ship March, find out more at www.mentalkase.com


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