iPhone and bathroom memories

iPhone and bathroom memories



About 4 weeks ago I dropped my iphone down the toilet in a reckless pee and text combination that went horribly wrong. A succession of botched replacement handsets and  finally I’m back with a working iphone.

When you get a new iphone you always have to re-download all your old apps and its interesting which ones I go to first. It got me thinking, which are my fav apps?,  and if I was stuck on an island and you were only allowed 5 apps, what would they be? And also what kind of weird island am I on anyway?

I tend to categorise my apps into 2 groups, my long-term lovers and my one night stands. My L.T.L’s are those you just cant do without and go to on a daily basis and the O.N.S’s are those disposable wonders you love and then leave usually in about 1 hour.

  1. FACEBOOK (L.T.L) – who can honestly say they don’t go on facebook at least once a day, personally I use it to manically search through all 238 of my ex-girlfriends holiday snaps of her and new boyf, till I find one that she is looking just a little bit unhappy which I take as proof that she is in fact definitely still missing me !
  2. TIMEOUT (L.T.L) – If you like going out, this is a must have, clubbing, gigging , eating whatever it is, its there in a really nice app.
  3. SPOTIFY(L.T.L) – Ok you have to pay for this app, but its worth it, all the music you could ever want and its all there at your fingertips, you can even use it on the tube, very clever.
  4. THE DAILY PUPPY(O.N.S/L.T.L) – Ok, look its my girlfriends fault, every morning I wake up and she shows me a pic of this adorable little pup and now I’m hooked. This could well turn from a fling to a long termer !!! uh oh
  5. COWBELL – (O.N.S) – Ok if you haven’t ever seen the classic Will Ferrell sketch from Saturday night live* you may think this is a bit odd. But baby if you’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell, you gotta get this APP.


  1. You are very funny and witty. I appreciate that in an article writer. My daughter also had a PWT (pee while texting) accident. My engineer husband was able to do a de-pee and her touch lived.

    I Would not want to live were it not for my ‘words with friends’ app. 😉


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