Ary enjoys her new trivia game

Ary enjoys her new trivia game


One month down, I still love my iPhone and I’m still experimenting with it. The number of apps is so enormous that I feel like they’re never ending, and I’m finally realizing that what everyone said is true: there truly is an app for everything!

Of course, I’m trying as many apps as I can, but there are some who caught my eye more than others, so here are my top 5 apps:

1. QRANK, by Ricochet Labs

QRANK is a great little (free!) game app. It is a trivia game, and goes by the tagline of “social quiz addiction”, since you are basically challenging …the whole world! The novelty is that the questions are not your usual “What’s the capital of Rwanda?”: instead, the folks at QRANK are constantly adding fresh questions based on news which have occurred that day. There’s only one game per day and you can see how well you’re doing locally, nationally and globally, and then share your result on both Facebook and Twitter.

2. Period Plus, by Flatcracker Software

This one is for the ladies! This free gem allows you to track basically every single item of your “lady business”, including fertile days, ovulation, and other things guys don’t want to hear about. Very useful for busy women, especially as the interface is cool and very easy to use.

3. Imdb, by

Ever found yourself in the middle of a conversation with friends where one of you mentions a film and nobody can remember the title? Or when the name of that actor is just on the tip of your tongue but you just can’t remember his name? Then the IMDB app is for you. This free app basically works like the very popular website: you’ll have every film ever made at the touch of your fingertips! You can search films, actors, directors, soundtracks and much more in this smooth working app, so that you’ll never have to wonder “what film was he in?” again.

4. JotNot Scanner, by MobiTech3000 LLC

Just how many times have you needed to scan a document to be sent via email? Contracts, paperwork, you name it: every time I needed to scan and send, I was either away from my office, or the scanner didn’t cooperate. Problem solved! JotNot transforms your iPhone in a portable scanner, scanning anything from whiteboards, to documents and notes, and then lets you email the resulting files immediately, or lets you upload them onto Dropbox, iDisk/WebDAV, Evernote,, or Google Docs where they can be shared with others. A must have.

5. Qype Radar, by Qype GmbH

This free app is perfect to find restaurants, shops, bars and whatnot wherever you are. It connects to, one of the most popular places reviews websites on the web, which will tell you, in a matter of seconds, not only if there is anything near you, wherever in the world, but also  if the place is good or not! Qype Radar will let you visualize all the user reviews for the place you’ve selected, so you can decide whether to go there or not. Absolutely essential for those who travel frequently!


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