iPad 3: First Impressions and Hands On Video Review

iPad 3: First Impressions and Hands On Video Review


ipad 3

The iPad 3 is finally here! Is it worth the wait? Can it live up to the hype? And were all the rumored updates added to the new model? Have a look at our video from JrProductionx and see what our video accessories man has to say about Apple’s new product.

Now, we all know that the boys and girls at Apple have added all sorts of fun and funky features to the iPad 3, but we also know that a lot of apps actually won’t be compatible with these updates. For a list of apps that do sync with the iPad 3’s updates such as Retina Display, a much faster A5x processor and vastly improved graphics, check out our Top 10 apps That Will Work best On iPad 3.

This review is courtesy of JrProductionx.

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