iPad 2 Accessories – Smart Cover

iPad 2 Accessories – Smart Cover

‘It sticks like a glove’

The new iPad 2 smart covers are absolute genius! The cover easily clips onto the rim of the iPad and the cover uses magnetic touch to sit perfectly over the iPad screen, as the magnets are built into the case. It protects the iPad screen and cleverly wakes the iPad each time the case is lifted. Once the case is closed, you hear the click sound to reinsure the user that their iPad has gone to sleep.

It is very thin, with a profession look and feel so it matches the new iPad 2 perfectly! The smart cover flexibly folds to create an instant stand for watching films, photos, typing and playing games or for the many other uses of the incredible iPad 2.

It’s available in leather and polyurethane material and comes in a range of colours so you can add a personal look and feel to your iPad at the front, whilst leaving the aluminium back free to show off the Apple image and camera. Both materials contain microfiber lining, in order to keep the iPad screen clean. Smart Covers all look and feel amazing, so no need to look any further as Apple have conveniently created the best cover to match your iPad 2. Perfect!

Developer: Apple Inc, Price: Leather £59.00, Polyurethane £35.00.

Link: iPad 2 Smart Cover


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  2. Thanks Aaron. I checked out the website and it has some great accessories. Feel free to send any samples that you would like me to review for you.

  3. Yiota, well written, A little bummed out. I have to be honest. I ordered the cover because it looked cool. But that coolness wears off, when the fallacy of protection and false assurance kicks in. Protection is limited to cosmetic scuffs and annoying fingerprints. But not drops. Not sure that the cover is any better, much less smarter. It does not offer much in protection. I was skeptical about the cover to begin with. Nevertheless, if your looking to protect your investment with a simple cover, we run the risk of inflicting some damage from a simple accident. I had to reassess my needs after a near fatal drop with the cover. I ordered a few days ago a leather Mivizu iPad 2 case called the Sense, and I also ordered an Otterbox hardshell. Best, the Mivizu folio is affordable priced at $26.99 against apple’s not smart price of $69.99 http://www.amazon.com/Mivizu-Sense-Leather-Feature-ciPD2mvzSMRTblk/dp/B004V0CCQK
    Anyways, for real protection look elsewhere. I think should not see the cover as protection solution.

  4. Thanks for your valued comment Gracie. I’ll check out the cases you mentioned as I was thinking of purchasing another case myself for traveling use. I do agree that the smart cover definitely looks the part but there are many other cases offering higher protection. The smart cover suits my needs as I work from home with my iPad but users should research the best cases for their particular needs. Check out our other iPad accessorie reviews, as there are some great cases featured.


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