10 Best iPhone Apps For News

10 Best iPhone Apps For News


10 Best iPhone Apps For News
Reading news through Safari can be a tiresome and painstaking process. You have to resize, scroll, and wait, scroll again, and resize just to read a few articles. It’s a pain in the neck and I hope that after reading this article none of you revert back to your dinosaur ways. Most of apps here are free so no excuses! Without further ado…

1. Thomson Reuters News Pro – Developer: Thomson Reuters, Price: Free, Updated: Jan 27, 2011 nullThomson Reuters News Pro - Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters News Pro iphone app review

Reuters is one of the most respected news organizations for businesses and professionals. This app offers loads of coverage and allows you to tailor the news to your own needs. For you finance buffs, you can access global financial data, corporate information and even interactive financial charting.

2. AP Mobile – Developer: The Associated Press, Price: Free , Updated: Jan 25, 2011 nullAP Mobile - The Associated Press

AP Mobile iphone app review

The Associated Press is the world’s largest news organization. This app let’s you sync with your local news to help you stay in touch with what’s happening in town. The interface is intuitive and allows you to customize the news that is sent to your phone and also provides push notification for breaking news.

3. USA Today – Developer: USA TODAY , Price: Free , Updated: September 14, 2010 nullUSA TODAY - USA TODAY

USA Today iphone app review

Hold on tight! This app features the best minimalistic and intuitive interface for those who want their news fast and easy. Headlines and a few lines of text are displayed with photographs in the articles shown as thumbnails for extremely fast browsing. Quickly browsing through today’s hot topics is a breeze and simply tapping on the headline reveals the full article.

4. NPR News – Developer: NPR , Price: Free , Updated: Nov 23, 2010 nullNPR News - NPR

NPR News iphone app review

NPR News is best known their non-biased reporting. Users can listen to the news and it also allows you access their popular radio shows. For you busybodies you can also browse through their achieved shows!

5. Stitcher Radio – Developer: Stitcher, Inc. Price: Free , Updated: Feb 18, 2011 nullStitcher Radio - Stitcher, Inc.

Stitcher Radio iphone app review

Listening to podcasts has never been easier! This top rated app allows you to listen and subscribe to a variety of news-related podcasts. Just choose a built-in station or category and the app will do all the rest.

6. The Onion – Developer: The Onion, Price: Free , Updated: Feb 02, 2011 nullThe Onion - The Onion

The Onion iphone app review

News doesn’t always have to be so serious right? With the Onion you’ll get the latest on fake and funny news! Once you find something hilarious, this iPhone app let’s your friends and family join in on the fun by allowing you to easily share their articles, photos, and videos.

7. Pulse News Mini – Developer: Alphonso Labs, Price: Free , Updated: Mar 24, 2011 nullPulse News Mini - Alphonso Labs Inc

Pulse News Mini iphone app review

Pulse News Mini is by far one of my personal favorites. This is an RSS Reader with tons of built-in RSS feeds from all the biggest sites. Everything runs extremely smooth with no bumps and bruises. Currently it’s rated 4.5 stars with over 6500 reviews! This app is an absolute must have.

8. Newspapers -Developer: David Earnest, Price: £1.19 , Updated: Dec 15, 2010 nullNewspapers - David Earnest

Newspapers iphone app review

Do you ever get that feeling that maybe your news is filtered? Why not go straight to source and use this app. It boasts access to 4,000 newspapers spanning across five continents.

9. Cannabis News Pro – Developer: William Mottl, Price: £1.79 , Updated: Feb 18, 2011 nullCannabis News Pro - Jetfire Apps

Cannabis News Pro iphone app review

I was actually surprised when I stumbled upon this app. Cannabis News keeps you updated from most reputable sites and magazines such as High Times, and 420 Magazine. For those who need a little education they even added information on strains, and political & local laws. Their upcoming update will include more feeds, medical marijuana laws and more.

10. Official Drudge Report – Developer: Richard Moon, Price: Free , Updated: Feb 23, 2011 nullOfficial Drudge Report (Free) - CodingByMoonLight

Official Drudge Report iphone app review

The Drudge Report is a popular news aggregation website that provides mainstream stories from all around the world. Aside from the annoying ads, this app helps you keep up-to-date in our fast moving world.


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