Inexpensive Apps to Help you Pave your Way out of Debt

Inexpensive Apps to Help you Pave your Way out of Debt


Whether you wish to track, handle or clear your debt, you have so many apps to help you. Most of them are free while others cost a little. Where should you begin the journey to clear out your debt? Well, the apps helps you find out how long will you take to clear your debt and when shall you be debt free again. Most of the debt tracking apps enlists your interest rates and total interest.Take a look at some of the debt tracking apps that can help you manage your debt:

Debt Manager

The app is very simple to use and can be used for debts and loans. Rank your debt from the lowest amount owed to the largest amount owed. The app uses snowball method of debt payment, but also supports debt avalanche method. It allows you to customize your plan. It permits you to email your summary details to yourself for a later review. The color chart helps in differentiating every debt.

Debt Eliminator

It is a proactive app to help people get out of debt. However, it only focuses on your credit card debt. You just have to enter your credit debt, minimum payout amount and interest rate. It advises you to pay the debt with highest interest rate first and suggests you to make extra payments. If you require a coach to help you with your credit card debt, then this app is amazing. If you’re in credit card debt, then the best way is to go for consolidating credit card debt. It will help you debt free in a convenient manner.

Undebt it

The app is available for free and can be used with or without an account. You just have to enter your debts and the amount that you’re paying to get debt free. Enter any extra payments that you have made and see the debt free date shift ahead, whether you use snowball method or avalanche method.

Debt Free

Debt Free has a number of debt and loan options. Enter the type of loan, its original amount and leftover balance along with due date, interest rate and minimum payout. It supports credit card, auto mortgage, computer, student loan, medical mortgage, consolidations and other debts. The debt reports are displayed through pie graph and total amount for every debt.

Debt tracker pro

It is simple to use and provides instant feedback when you increase the payment sum. Just enter the debt, interest rate, due date, monthly payment and interest rate. You can out the extra amount that you will pay every month in the slider and see when can you be debt free.

Debt Calculator

It crunches number for a single debt. You cannot look at your debts altogether. So, you can enter one debt at a time, with interest rate and money owed. Then see your desired debt free date or the necessary payment you need to make to hit your desired date. It is a great app if you wish to go for one app at a time.


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