iKeep: Anti-theft and Security Accessory

iKeep: Anti-theft and Security Accessory

iKeep iPhone Charger
iKeep me safe!

Most Apple device owners purchase a case to protect their device from scratches and damage, if dropped. While this is important, users may also want to consider anti-theft and security when purchasing accessories.

The iKeep is an ideal accessory, as it prevents against loss, damage and theft to your beloved Apple devices. Simply connect the iKeep to your chosen device and use the clip-on design to clip the iKeep onto your handbag, belt loop, backpack, briefcase or any other item you wish to connect your device to. The iKeep features an extendable and retractable 24 inch nylon cord, which is ideal for preventing loss and damage against dropping your device.

The iKeep is extremely lightweight and stylish, whilst still offering full functionality to your device. The iKeep accessory provides a perfect solution for those that enjoy running, cycling and hiking, whilst still keeping their device safe and near. It also works well in busy situations and events, such as on the train or at a concert or festival. It’s an ideal solution for people on the go, for use when travelling and ideal for children and teenagers, to prevent loss, reduce the risk of theft and damage to their expensive-to-repair and replace devices. This could save you a detailed insurance claim…….Woops, no insurance either!

Recommendations: To make an iKeep compatible with the iPhone 5.

iKeep is available from www.avanquest.co.uk/accessories

Compatibility: The 30 pin push release connector works with the iPad, iPod, iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G and first generation models.

Available Colours: Silver, Pink, Blue, Black & White.
Price: £19.99


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