iInherit: Exploiting Your Own Family Has Never Been So Fun…Apparently

iInherit: Exploiting Your Own Family Has Never Been So Fun…Apparently

iInherit iPhone App Review
Keeping in touch with your grandparents has never felt so right

iInherit seems to have been developed with the intentions to teach us that family means everything. As the name suggests though, it attempts this for all the wrong reasons. As an app that promises to work out how much you can inherit from a relative or friend before they ‘croak’, it encourages its customers to exploit these people for their money. Already you get the feeling that this app’s moral compass is all over the place, but it only gets worse from there, especially when you are given the option to work out how much you can look forward to inherit from a complete stranger, and by the end you are presented with a tombstone of this person with the figure of your potential inheritance inscribed into it, as if to say, “Bet you can’t wait till this happens”.

To suggest that iInherit is a genuinely immoral app is probably unfair, and it is probably a lot more tongue in cheek than I have suggested here. This doesn’t hide the fact that it is also just a terribly thought out app. What is described as a fun app, is actually monotonous and tedious, with the majority of it spent moving sliders to and fro to work out how much a house or car is worth, whilst occasionally being asked irrelevant questions like, “Does your father find overweight women attractive”. Rather than being any fun at all, it manages to make itself something of a chore that you can’t wait to finish, especially once you realize that there are 14 of these relatives to get through, who themselves have long lists of questions for you to answer. Questions that you’ll probably struggle to answer fully, and so who’s to say the final figure is even accurate. Unless you’re willing to have an awkward chat with your family about your inheritance.

Whether it’s an app for plotting an ageing relatives untimely demise or nothing more than a joke, it’s still an interesting idea for an app. Unfortunately, it’s just too difficult to see beyond just how mind-numbingly dull it actually is.


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