How To Transfer Voice Memos From iPhone To Computer

How To Transfer Voice Memos From iPhone To Computer


If you have a Voice Memo on your iPhone that you want to transfer on to your computer, simply visit iTunes when your iPhone is plugged in and select the iPhone’s settings. Then press, ‘Include voice memos’ in the sync bar; when you next sync your iPhone to your computer, they will appear in a playlist called ‘Voice Memos’.


  1. OK…but now that it’s under the music tab, how do I get it to the hard drive on my Windows-based computer???

  2. Hi MB,

    Once it’s synced to your computer, it will be on your hard drive – simply search for files within iTunes such as MB’s iPhone’ or look in the iTunes folder on your computer and search recently added files!

  3. I have tried that but it seems to only transfer 1 out the 3 voice memos that I have. Any other ways to do it? I can’t email as the file is too big. Thanks

  4. When I do this it wants to erase the music library on my iPhone and replace it with the one on my computer, which would be fine, except that I think it might erase the Voice Memos along with it. Will it?

    P.S. Possibly relevant information: I changed computers a few moths ago, reinstalled iTunes, and haven’t synced the PC and the iPhone before I recorded my lectures.

  5. Hi Repaulo. I would definitely back them up on a USB disk if they are personal, then load them on to your new computer after you syn, just to be on the safe side!


  6. I followed these steps and there are still voice memos on my phone that are not showing up on my iTunes. Help!

  7. I did exactly what you told me and it worked GREAT! now i want to copy from my pc to a cd only some voice memos, how can i do this?

  8. Hi Wendy,

    Simply put the voice memos on to your desktop as regular music files and then burn them to CD; insert a blank CD and drag and drop them into the icon on your screen.



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