3 iPhone App Pranks To Lift Your Mood On A Monday

3 iPhone App Pranks To Lift Your Mood On A Monday


The weekend may be gone, but you can still inject a little bit of fun into your daily routine with these three iPhone apps that will help you ease yourself into the coming week with a bit of a chuckle.  Juvenile as it may be, there’s nothing funnier than pulling a prank on your best mate, or better still, your worst enemy, so sit back and enjoy these three iPhone pranks!

iFart – $0.99, Updated: Jul 09, 2010, Current Version: 3.0.33, Seller: InfoMedia, Inc.

Flatulence is funny.  There’s no getting around this; when someone let’s one off, the reaction is often a huge burst of laughter.  Unfortunately, you can’t always wait for the timing of some unfortunate fellow’s guts to fail him, so you have to take matters into your own hands, or in this case, your own iPhone.  iFart is a hilarious app that simulates the noise of, yep, you guessed it, a fart.  Select the type of fart you want, record your own or even set your fart to go off at an allotted time, then practice your best disgusted face and point it at an unwitting fellow employee…that’ll teach him to take the last biscuit.

Fear 2 – Free, Released: May 27, 2009, Version: 1.00, Seller: Crimson Moon Entertainment LLC

Put the fear of God into your friends using your iPhone!

There’s nothing funnier than watching the living daylights being scared out of an unsuspecting victim who only wanted to borrow your phone to send a text to their friend.  Well, the Fear 2 iPhone app can make that dream a reality, as you can set a timer on your iPhone and when that runs out, the scariest face known to man will jump out on the screen and a blood-curdling shriek or scream will be emitted!  Just make sure that they are standing on a forgiving floor, as if they drop your iPhone, the joke will be on you.

Fake Calls – $0.99, Updated: Jan 04, 2009, Current Version: 1.2, Seller: Sebastian Trujillo

Expecting an important call?!

This is one prank that can save you from the most boring or embarrassing conversations of your life, time and time again.  Tuck talking to that ‘sweet’ little old lady who lives in the apartment below you who is beginning her usual half-hour long sermon on the movements of her bowels this morning?  Bumped into an ex on the street and can’t for the life of you remember their name?  Fake Calls will get you out of that situation quick sharp, simply by simulating an ‘important’ call that will require your immediate attentiveness.  You can tailor make how many calls you receive, which wallpaper you get on the incoming call alert and even a proximity and timing setting to set off the fake call…enjoy!



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